We wanted to remind you that starting July 30th of July, 2021 9:00 AM UTC 2Checkout will process all credit cards via PayPal, via a seamless payment experience and the option to not only pay via Visa/Mastercard but also via American Express and Diners WITHOUT the need of having a PayPal Account.

To support this change after 30th of July, 2021, 2Checkout will take the following actions:

PayPal - Checkout as a Guest will be available for all merchants / all integrations types (2Sell, 2Subscribe - Packs) as a default option.

We will display the following message to customers attempting to place an order using Visa / Mastercard outside PayPal: "All Visa/Mastercard/Diners/Amex payments are being processed via PayPal: either using a PayPal account or checking out as a guest with the "Pay with Debit or Credit Card option".

Pricing will not change, the same pricing will apply.

As promised, 2Checkout continues to expand and strengthen the business relationship with our payment processing partners in the region and is currently developing new business lines to continue to diversify the payment methods offering in your country. We will keep you informed of important updates.

Please feel free to contact our Merchant Support Team -

Thank you