As previously explained, is a self-sustaining project. It has neither sponsors nor many free resources to support its existence. How much is invested in it is how much we get as a result. Hence the lack of quality video in hd-formats, the division of galleries into parts, the inability to update the material more than 2 times a week, to invite new flexible models, to do more costume photography and more artistic photography. And all of this could have been...

Many of the site's subscribers distribute photos on the Internet, particularly on forums and on Facebook. Entire galleries of photos are posted. Facebook is not going to look into it and block such users and their pages. On the contrary, the ad page was blocked by Facebook after being contacted and no longer restored.

Working on the site requires the corresponding material costs for hosting, payment system interests, renting studios and locations, paying to models, replacing photo equipment, to pay taxes, well as the time spent on taking photos, programming, photo processing. In this regard, the update schedule on the site will be subject to change.

After subscribing and paying money, the user has the full right to use the material for personal use, according to the rules. This is invariable. Read the rules of use posted on the site.

However, in order to continue to fill the site with new and exclusive material, the update schedule on the site will undergo changes. Namely: updates are made twice a week, about Monday and Thursday. If between Thursday and Monday no payment has been made any amount (19, 29, 39), then the next update will be moved from Monday to Thursday. Correspondingly, if no payment has been made between Monday and Thursday, the next update will be postponed to Monday. And so on.

Often asked the question - where the site materials disappear. That's right. Photos and videos are regularly deleted. Some materials have been removed. And gradually will be removed from now on. This is due to the fact that the site has grown and takes up a lot of space on the hosting. Since the finances to pay for hosting is not enough, subscribers are very few, it was decided to reduce the amount of content uploaded to the hosting. If you have a desire to get some of the deleted sets, write to FB mail.

Thank you.